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Jaclyn Munson
April 15, 2020
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Parents & Educators,

This is for you! Almost every student across the country is finishing out the school year from home. I am praising you for a job well done implementing and managing the added responsibility of supervising your student’s academic success and schooling. My intention is to empower you with tools to take a preventative approach with vision performance and school success. Are you noticing your student avoiding or struggling with reading and comprehension of new material, learning speed, and handwriting? I ask because one in three students in our country battles a VISION related learning concern and I am passionate about preventing these issues for our regional student base.

  • 90% of every choice and action we make is derived from our eyes - it’s either accurate and easy, or misguided and frustrating.
  • Moving the eyes as a team is the most metabolically demanding gesture the body makes. Are you noticing your student avoid self-guided academic work? This is a clue that their visual system is under-equipped to exceed the visual demands required for learning. Visit the Vision Performance Center for more of my thoughts and information on this.
  • A majority of vision concerns lead to behavior issues and emotional disruptions. We know your student is brilliant. A thorough vision performance examination with me is a great idea to reserve. Let’s ensure your student(s) are performing at an elite visual level.
  • Trust your gut. If you are noticing obvious or subtle signs of academic frustration, reserve a preventative vision performance exam with me. This symptom checklist tool will help us initiate the conversation to confirm and uncover how early in the process we are. Let’s make decisions together.

This is an ideal time to share my preventative tips and ensure your students have all they need to succeed in school and athletics. Help me keep an eye out for vision issues that may be impacting the future academic careers of our youth and college students. At Fort Collins Family Eye Care & Vision Performance Center we are your leading resources to plan ahead for vision success and help students feel great about themselves while doing it!

What is the Vision Performance Center?

The Vision Performance Center is the leading center for vision therapy in Fort Collins. Vision performance training trains your eyes and brain to work together for improved eye tracking, teaming, clarity, and fusion as well as depth perception, visual efficiency, eye hand coordination, visual memory, reading comprehension, and other important processing skills. Because learning is so dependent on the visual system, any disruption in the eye brain connection can have profound impacts on your student’s school performance and self confidence.

How do I know if my students need Vision Performance Training?

You can use our symptom checklist tool to help determine if you should seek an evaluation for you and your student.

  • Your student struggles to read
  • Your student struggles with school performance
  • Your student’s eye turns in, up, out, or down
  • Your student has suffered a brain injury
  • Your student avoids or gets fatigued easily with near work
  • Your student struggles with sports performance and depth perception
  • Your student complains of headaches, dry or itchy eyes, eye strain, eye pain, or light sensitivity

This is not an exhaustive list. Reviewing our symptom checklist will help determine whether or not your student could benefit is the best way to determine if you should seek vision performance training for your student .

How will the Vision Performance Center help my student?

Vision performance training will help your student gain the vision skills and confidence and to tackle whatever visual demands comes across their workspace.

Improve school performance: If your student is struggling with reading or general school performance, the root of the issue may be efficiency of the eye brain connection.

Improve sports performance: Hand eye coordination, depth perception, and visual acuity are essential for sports performance! In fact, the entire visual system is essential for sports performance. If your student really wants to play sports but struggles, testing their visual system and training it to work together better could be a serious game changer for your student .

Improve visual clarity and comfort: If your student complains of headaches, dry eyes, itchy eyes, or any other discomfort, vision performance training will help your student be free of visual discomfort to increase acuity and productivity.

Any disruption in the eye brain connection can not only cause school performance issues, but it can seriously impact self confidence. Vision performance training will not only help your student develop the necessary skills to succeed in school, but it will give your student the confidence to push through and become the best person they can be, no matter the visual challenge.

Steadfast in Prevention,

Dr. Jaclyn Munson

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