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Doing Our Part for Your Safety

Jaclyn Munson
May 5, 2020
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Is the Emergency Room Right for You?

We’re doing our part to keep eye emergencies out of the hospitals. Fort Collins Family Eye Care has and always will be available to you and your family for eye emergencies 24/7, in person and virtually. Come to the eye specialists who have custom technologies, medications, and expertise to deliver thorough, prompt, and expert treatment straight from the source. Don’t wait in line for “general emergency care”. Whenever you need her, Dr. Munson is available to you for emergency eye care in Northern Colorado and the Fort Collins areas.

What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?

  • Sudden, painless vision loss
  • Black spots or flashes of light
  • Curtain-like disappearance of vision.
  • New onset headaches
  • Eye injury or pain.
  • Contact lens related redness and pain.
  • Seeing halos or rainbows around light.
  • Loss of peripheral (side) vision.
  • Sudden hazy or blurred vision.
  • Red, crusty or swollen eyelids.
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What Can I Do In the Event of an Eye Emergency?

If you are experiencing an eye emergency in Fort Collins, call Dr. Munson at (815) 735-1175 immediately. Trust your gut. If you are worried about the health of your most precious sense - your vision - rest assured in a customized, specialized, and secure atmosphere. We specialize in preventative eye care and eye emergencies. You’ve come to the right place for an emergency eye care doctor at Fort Collins Family Eye Care.

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