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Virtual Eye Consult - Options For You!

Jaclyn Munson
May 21, 2020
Virtualeyeconsults - Virtual Eye Consult - Options For You! - Fort Collins Family Eye Care


Fort Collins Family Eye Care offers several options to connect and enhance relationships with our family of patients! Whether you have a question about an upcoming reservations, a product or prescription request, or desire more information about the health and status of your eyes, Fort Collins Family Eye Care is here for you! Below are virtual options to communicate together and customize your experience!

Virtual Update With Wellness Heroes

Your wellness is the hero of our story! We refer to ourselves as Wellness Heroes because this team is passionate about delivering a relational patient experience; we just happen to be really knowledgeable about preventative eye care! We always look forward to seeing you in-person; in-addition, we enjoy connecting together using the virtual formats noted below. :

We are your preventative eye care advocates! Of course, we always look forward to welcoming you in person, but we understand that you may want options to touch base; all of these virtual forms of communications are secure, confidential, and designed to give you the concierge eye care experience that you can always expect at Fort Collins Family Eye Care.

Telemedicine Consultation With Dr. Munson

Fort Collins Family Eye Care launched the utilization of telemedicine consultations twelve months ago. Since then, our patients have enjoyed direct access and consultation, one-on-one, with Dr. Munson about eye health topics.

Welcome to Fort Collins Family Eye Care's Telemedicine Consultation platform. Consultations will be recorded for quality assurance. Please ensure the electronic reservation forms are completed 48 hours ahead of this meeting - login information is made available to you up to seven days prior to your appointment. Enjoy this flexible, convenient, and custom approach to your eye health wellness.

We look forward to caring for you and fostering a relationship for years to come!

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