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If you’re plagued by constant headaches, you need help. You shouldn’t have to live with headaches, and we have the tools to help you take back your life! Our speciality therapeutic technology customizes your eyewear experience to relieve headaches, tired eyes, and even dry eyes. Our digital world puts immense strain on our eyes, but headaches do not need to be a part of your daily life.

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Your eyes and brain work as a team, so it’s no surprise that what we process through our visual system has a huge impact on our daily lives. We offer speciality lens technology to relax your eyes and relieve your headaches, neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes, tired eyes, light sensitivity, and even dizziness. We offer the neurolens® technology that can relieve all of these symptoms and give you your life back! Learn more about Neurolens® here.

Further Reading

To learn more about the technology that we use at EyeSpa and Fort Collins Family Eye Care, you can read articles that Dr. Munson herself has contributed to.
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