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What to Expect with Neurolens

Jaclyn Munson
July 19, 2022
what to expect with neurolens - What to Expect with Neurolens - Fort Collins Family Eye Care

If you suffer from eye fatigue, headaches, eye strain, motion sickness, neck pain or other uncomfortable symptoms, Neurolens can truly make a world of difference! Thanks to the “contoured prism” technology that Neurolenses incorporate, you can find relief from the irritating symptoms of eye misalignment and eliminate the need for pain relievers. In fact, 93% of patients reported symptom relief after wearing Neurolenses for several weeks. As exciting as it sounds, you may be wondering if you’re a good candidate, what to expect when you go to your Neurolens appointment and how you’ll feel when you start wearing Neurolens eyeglasses. We’ll break it down for you here.

How it Works

It all starts by taking the simple Neurolens Test online. You’ll answer a series of questions and find out if you’re a candidate within minutes. It’s that easy! If you are, it’s time to schedule an appointment with us at Fort Collins Family Eye Care. At your appointment, your doctor will evaluate your symptoms and use the Neurolens Measurement Device to measure your eye alignment. If your doctor determines that you have a misalignment in your visual system, you’ll be prescribed a customizable pair of Neurolenses. If you already have a prescription, no worries! Your lenses can be customized to contain your current corrective prescription along with the correction necessary to treat misalignment. Even people with no prescription lenses or contacts at all are eligible for Neurolens treatment.

Adjusting to Your New Neurolens Eyeglasses

Neurolens glasses are worn just like any other eyeglasses. They can fit into almost any frame, and they come with anti-reflective coatings. They’re also customized for each individual patient’s specific needs. We suggest wearing your Neurolenses all day for the best results, but you should especially wear them while using digital devices such as laptops, phones and tablets. Adjusting to your Neurolens prescription can take a little time and you may experience mild disorientation, dizziness and/or a slight pulling sensation for a few days to a few weeks. The good news is that once you’ve adjusted, the disorientation will subside and so will the painful, uncomfortable symptoms you’ve been living with! Also, there are no known negative long-term side effects associated with Neurolens. So what are you waiting for? Relief may be just around the corner!

If you’re ready to get back to doing the things you love like reading, gaming, working on digital devices and more, consider Neurolenses. You can feel like a whole new person in a matter of days or weeks! You deserve to live free of the symptoms of eye misalignment, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Are you ready to schedule an appointment at Fort Collins Family Eye Care? Our team is here to help you find some relief so you can get back to living the life you love.

Click here to schedule your appointment online or give us a call at (970) 223-7150. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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