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Have your eyes felt dry or unclear? Dry eye disease can get in the way of your quality of life and leave you feeling frustrated and uncomfortable. Seeing clearly and comfortably is a luxury that should not be underestimated. Talk to our EyeSpa estheticians today about how LipiFlow® in Fort Collins, CO can help you experience the luxury of moisture.

An essential part of wellness is being the best version of yourself, and thermal pulsation for meibomian gland dysfunction will help you see the best in yourself! LipiFlow® is an innovative technology that supports our culture of wellness and prevention, letting you truly see the beauty in the world.

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What is Lipiflow?

LipiFlow® is a therapeutic treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction, one of the leading causes of dry eye. By combining heat with a therapeutic pulsation to the eyelids, LipiFlow® helps remove any blockages that you may have and helps your meibomian glands properly function and produce the oils that you need in order to have a healthy tear film.
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What Are Meibomian Glands?

Meibomian glands are the glands inside your eyelids that produce the oil needed to protect your ocular surface and prevent the aqueous tears from evaporating. Any dysfunction of the glands can cause a decrease in the oils and lipid layer and leave you with dry eye symptoms, including burning, scratching, and redness.

Am I A Candidate for Lipiflow?

If you suffer from dry eye, particularly meibomian gland dysfunction, then you’re probably a great candidate for LipiFlow®. During your next comprehensive preventative exam, Dr. Munson will take photos of your meibomian glands to check for gland dropout and dysfunction to determine whether this therapeutic treatment is right for you.

How Should I Prepare for My Reservation?

Step 1

stay faithful to oral and topical nutritional supplements and prescribed medications leading up to
your treatment

Step 2

remove lotions, makeup and contact lenses as applicable

Step 3

stay faithful to eyelid wipes and warming mask after treatment
On the day of your reservation, you should avoid makeup or face lotions around your eyes. Your EyeSpa esthetician will give you drops after treatment that you can use that evening. After your treatment, you can restart your home-care routine.
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What Should I Expect From Lipiflow Treatment?

The LipiFlow® device does not cause any pain and is, in essence, a warm, pulsating massage for your eyelids. By gently heating your eyelids from the inside and outside and combining it with controlled pulsation, LipiFlow® safely and gently releases any blockages and helps the glands function better.

A LipiFlow® treatment session lasts about 12 minutes. Not only will you feel pampered and will your eyes be comfortable again, but the procedure is easy to fit into any schedule.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

6 weeks after your treatment, you will have an ocular surface progress exam with Dr. Munson to monitor your progress and track your results. You can expect to experience optimal results 6-8 weeks after treatment.

Wellness is about feeling your best, seeing your best, and being your best. Talk to Dr. Munson and our team of EyeSpa estheticians today about how this EyeSpa experience can relieve your symptoms and get you back to optimal wellness.

Are you ready to experience how LipiFlow® can enhance your life? Call or text our office today at (970) 223-7150 to make your reservation at our EyeSpa!
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