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Our philosophy regarding eyewear: let us teach you how to watch for quality lens technology and frame construction. We allow only independent eyewear lines, including our own signature line (custom-designed by us) to complement your natural features. International and US-craftsmanship are highlighted here.

Dr. Munson designs eyeglasses and custom contact lenses that are guaranteed to satisfy all of our patients.

Whether you have a passion for fashion or live life on the edge, we have eyewear that fits your lifestyle. We want you to be thrilled with your investment.
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Our Frame Lines

Our goal is to carry frame lines that are as unique as you are. Distinctive and stylish, these frames showcase your beautiful eyes and your personality. The frame lines we carry feature the highest quality materials and construction.

Choose from our signature line of Dr. Munson's custom-designed frames, hand-selected eyewear designers, and a mix of international and independent frame crafters who create signature looks to fit your budget.

*We include sunscreen with the purchase of polarized sunglasses.
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Design Your Own

Our optical experts will help you choose a frame style, fit, lens shape, and finish to design your very own one-of-a-kind frames.

We customize your lenses based on the geometry of your eyes and face with your frames. With computer assistance, our HOYA, Screen, Space, or Zoom lenses will be customized just for you. For everyday eyewear, we recommend HOYA, Shamir, or Zeiss lenses. Our Adventure Series of lenses offer polarized progressive or single vision prescription sunglasses for people on the go. We also offer budget-friendly solutions for your backup pair of glasses.
Lenses You'll Love

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Big prescription? We can fix that. No matter the size of your prescription, we will make sure you're happy with the weight and thickness of your lenses.

Neurolens® is the latest technology in lenses. If you suffer from digital vision syndrome, the Neurolens technology will give you real relief from the symptoms caused by our digital world. Ask Dr. Munson about Neurolenses at your next appointment!

Our Signature Line

We have a passion for eyewear. That's one of the reasons we do what we do. Getting the lines right for the perfect frame to accent your best features is extremely satisfying. The Fort Collins Family Eye Care Signature Line has been designed and selected for optimum quality and impeccable style. We also offer a dependable warranty so that you can be assured that your look is protected.

Frame Trends

The Cat-eye is back! A great way to show off cheekbones and a sense of individuality, this retro style is great for women who aren't afraid to express themselves.
Clear Frames
One of the great things about clear frames is their versatility. They work from day to night and look striking on men and women.
Clubmaster Browline
This classic men's style is the male version of the cat-eye. It's a nod to the 50s and 60s with a literary sensibility and a polished profile.
While tortoiseshell patterns have been popular for years, the new trend is to really exaggerate the pattern on the frames and not hold back. Today's tortoiseshell frames can also bring in other colors including blue and aqua to really garner attention and showcase your eyes.
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