Payment Options

Payment Options

Investment Info

Our patients tell us that health savings accounts, faith-based MediShare plans, and flex spending accounts are their favorite! We also elect to be members of the following medical insurance panels:
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Accessible Preventative Eye Care

We understand that certain challenges pop up that prevent people from visiting an eye doctor. We believe that insurance should not be one of those challenges and we work hard to deliver quality, accessible, and affordable eye care for everyone.
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Please note that some individual policies may have restrictions and do not fall under the umbrella of our networks. As of 2018, Medicaid has elected to no longer cover refraction services or glasses for patients 20 years of age or older. For more details regarding Medicaid coverage, click here.
We have elected to participate in a vision coupon option for patients — Vision Service Plan (VSP). Vision coupons are rebates for basic vision screenings, contact lenses, and limited eyewear designs that may be redeemed every 12 or sometimes 24 months. Most procedures performed by Dr. Munson are not contributed to by vision coupons. Schedule a courtesy call with our billing and insurance team for more in-depth information.
Cancellation POlicy
In an effort to respect the eye care needs of all our cherished patients, we ask you to provide 48-hour advanced notice of any absence. If notice is given less than 48 hours in advance or no notice is given, patients may be subject to a $48 cancellation fee.
Refund POlicy
To protect the quality of your care experience and the quality of products and services offered at Fort Collins Family Eye Care, all payments are final and no refunds will be processed.
Bill payment
All bills from Fort Collins Family Eye Care should be paid within 60 days of being issued. All outstanding bills not paid within 60 days of being issued will be sent to the appropriate party for ongoing collections.
ways to save
  • Private Pay patients enjoy 10% off all services and materials with cash
  • HSA, FSA, Flex spending programs
  • Faith Based Health Plans
  • Medical Insurance - in or out of network
  • Vision Coupon - in or out of network
  • Exclusive Rebates for contact lenses and eyewear
  • Annual Supply of contact lenses  = free pair of sunwear, select styles, free shipping to home or office
  • Listen for radio ad promotions and code words!
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