Official Eye Care Provider for Colorado State® University Athletics

The CSU athletic department and Rams Sports Properties have partnered with Fort Collins Family Eye Care as the official eye care provider for CSU Athletics. The partnership will ensure that collegiate athletes are receiving thorough and careful eye health and vision performance evaluations. CSU student-athletes who have vision care needs or require vision correction in order to participate in athletics at CSU may be referred to Fort Collins Family Eye Care for evaluation and treatment.
"Dr. Jaclyn Munson and her team of eye care professionals are passionate about preventing and managing eye-related injuries and enhancing vision performance for athletes."

- Terry DeZeeuw,  CSU Senior Associate Athletic Director for Health and Performance

Eye Care Services

Fort Collins Family Eye Care and Dr. Jaclyn Munson are pleased to accept the honor of having been selected as the Official Eye Care Provider for Colorado State University. With a focus on the CSU Ram Athletic community and the specific visual demands on the athletic field, Dr. Jaclyn Munson incorporates a customized approach for athletes with the goal of improving their game and their competitive edge. 

Vision Performance Training

Vision Performance Training trains your eyes and brain to work better together for improved tracking, eye teaming, clarity, fusion, depth perception, visual efficiency, eye-hand coordination, visual memory, reading comprehension, and other important processing skills. For those student-athlete interested in Vision Performance Training, Dr. Munson first recommends a comprehensive eye exam. After the exam, a deeper analysis of depth perception, peripheral vision, and more will be completed. Based on the sport and goals in that sport, an individualized care plan will be prescribed and implemented.
Vison Performance Training

Fort Collins Family Eye Care

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For Afterhours Vision Concerns:

Contact Dr. Jaclyn Munson directly at 815-735-1175 to assist in directing eye health needs.
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