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EyeSpa is committed to giving you an experience that is safe and unique, joining eye care and esthetics to protect your health and enhance your natural beauty. Prevention and protection are at the core of what we do at EyeSpa. We support your esthetic goals and ensure they are reached in the healthiest way possible. EyeSpa is your source for esthetically-focused preventative ocular surface and eyelash health.
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Eyelash Health

When it comes to your eyelashes, your EyeSpa esthetician will evaluate your eyelid margins, eyelash follicles, and oil gland structures. Ideally, you want an infection-free, disease-free, bacteria-free follicle to support lash extensions and maintain optimal wellness. Because our eyelid margins are rarely ever cleansed, pro-inflammatory markers and biofilm and plaque buildup promote meibomian gland disease and poor lash health. Virulent factors, inflammation, bacteria, and mites can inhabit the lid margin. If these factors are present, your EyeSpa esthetician will professionally exfoliate the lid margins and prescribe a clinical and self-care routine to restore and revitalize your eye health.

We understand the stages of lid disease and how the lashes can harm long term health and promote silent, chronic diseases. Cleaning your lid margins with regular micro-exfoliation and self-care measures to protect your eyelash health will improve your overall wellness and enhance your lash extension experience.

At EyeSpa, we prescribe products like Latisse® to enhance your natural lash follicles and use lash extensions to enhance your lashes. We offer different curls and weights to optimize your experience and outcomes. When it comes to choosing a lash extension that supports eye health, we use the lightest weight, bacteria-resistant product, and natural adhesives. Your EyeSpa esthetician will clean your eyelid margin at every appointment to protect your wellness and enhance your application and outcomes.

Lash Artistry

Between products like eyeliner, mascara, lash extensions, and medications like Latisse®, there is no shortage of options when it comes to enhancing your eye lashes and your natural beauty. At EyeSpa, we welcome estheticians to the table and join forces with them to give patients the eyelash enhancement they want in an environment that is safe and unique. We approach lash artistry with a focus on preventative care and eye health.

Lash Options

We offer different curls and weights to best fit your esthetic goals and your lifestyle. Talk to your EyeSpa esthetician about your options.


A classic lash extension is a 1:1 lash, meaning that for every natural lash, there is one lash extension.


Hybrid lash extensions is a mix between a classic lash and a volume lash.


A volume lash extension has 3 lash extensions for every natural lash.

Why Come To EyeSpa for Lash Extensions

An essential part of safely having eyelash extensions is maintaining the health of your lid margins. At every re-lash, we clean your lid margins and make sure that you are able to support eyelash extensions and stay healthy. Not tending to the health of your lid margins can set you up for ocular surface disease or an infection.

What to Expect During Your Procedure

When you come to EyeSpa for your re-lash, we will do multiple tests to verify the health of your lid margins and your eyelash follicles: meibography, lash imaging, and osmolarity.

If you had your lashes done somewhere else, your EyeSpa esthetician may recommend a waiting period before your re-lash to help rejuvenate your follicles and lid margins.

Eye Whitening

At EyeSpa, we recommend LUMIFY® eye whitening drops. These eye drops quickly reduces redness in a way that doesn’t starve the eye of oxygen, reducing the chance of rebound redness. LUMIFY® is FDA-approved and works within 1 minute to relieve temporary redness for up to 8 hours.


Cosmeceuticals are products that claim to have health benefits like anti-aging. We endorse Beautycounter®, Mary Kay® Naturally, IMAGE Skincare, and Aveda™ Skincare.
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