What to Expect

Vision Performance center

What to Expect

On your initial visit, Dr. Jaclyn Munson will perform a complete vision and dilated ocular disease assessment to determine in what area your vision could be causing you problems and how it can be improved. Dr. Munson and her team will then map out a series of diagnostic eye fitness tests to uncover how your eyes and brain collect and distribute visual information together.

See below for our recommended reading list and bring any questions that you may have.

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Step 1

Eye Fitness Test - 30 Minutes
Get ready, set, go! During this visit with Dr. Munson, your eyes and brain will experience an obstacle course designed to evaluate how they gather visual information and work as a team. The pillars of your vision will be scored, including: eye tracking, fusion, depth perception, visual stamina, visual efficiency ,and more. It’s a lot like American Ninja Warrior for your eyes and brain!

Step 2

Visual Information Processing Skills - 45 Minutes
Inspector Gadget hats on! These visits are designed to evaluate how your eyes and brain interpret visual information. Our Vision Performance Team will deliver tests asking, “How do your eyes and brain process information and what are your strategies to produce an answer?” Please submit your completed Symptom Checklist at this time.

Step 3

Diopsys: Visually Evoked Potential (VEP) - 25 Minutes
How do primary visual pathways travel through your brain? This objective diagnostic technology utilizes sensors applied topically to the front and back of the head to measure how the magno-cellular and parvo-cellular visual pathways respond to signals. How strongly, how consistently, and how quickly does your brain see? We are the only practice in Northern Colorado to offer this state-of-the-art analysis – this is cool eye stuff!

Step 4

Visual Field Testing - 20 Minutes
Are there sections of your vision missing from a concussion, head injury, stroke, or neurological concern? Do you have a visual field defect in one or both of your eyes? This subjective diagnostic technology will answer these questions and allow us to “see what you see.” It’s like a nerdy eye video game with a clicker button and everything!

Step 5

Vision Performance Consultation - 45 Minutes
Let’s get the team together! Dr. Munson will reveal the detailed results of your evaluation and discuss options to implement the prescribed course of treatment. This is the perfect opportunity to invite all parents/caregivers, grandparents, financiers, transporters, allied health professionals (OT, PT, teachers, tutors, etc.) to collaborate together. It is recommended to bring your questions from the suggested reading list (see below). Winning for us means you retain and enhance your visual skills so you can master the visual obstacles in your daily world.

Reading List

The list below provides helpful information into understanding vision disorders. We suggest reading these prior to your (or your child's) vision performance sessions.

  • When Your Child Struggles by Dr. David Cook    
  • Jillian's Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter’s Life by Jillian Benoit and Robin Benoit
  • Fixing My Gaze by Susan R. Barry
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Formal Vision Performance Training


Because everyone has unique issues and goals, each training plan is designed specifically for each patient. Patients meet twice weekly with a vision performance training therapist to work through the prescribed treatments to achieve goals. Each training session lasts for 45 minutes, and home treatment is also prescribed at 30 min per day with our digital home tracking tool, EyeCarrot.


In our eye gym, you'll move back and forth between our 3-D, glow in the dark, light therapy, and primitive reflex fitness rooms. You'll see us use lenses, prisms, filters, brain puzzles, and strategic peripheral vision cues to enhance the balance between your eyes and brain. The first few weeks require patience as new habits and skills are being introduced. Construction hats on! We are enhancing half of the nerves that run the body for the most intimate fine motor control. Aren't eyes amazing?!


The length of your prescribed treatment depends upon your diagnosis and commitment to therapy. Some patients finish their prescribed treatment sooner than expected with the highest level of compliance and self-competition. Dr. Munson is passionate about prescribing the most efficient treatment conditions, exercises, and transparent goals for success. Winning for us is the ability for you to have new visual tools to apply to your real world and daily life activities — athletics, academics, high-level professional careers... whatever life brings your way.
"The patient’s optimal wellness is the hero of the story — we are honored to be co-authors sharing in your vision victory!"
Dr. Jaclyn Munson

Graduation & Advocacy

Many of our graduates become Vision Performance Advocates because their results have been life-changing. Did you know that 1 in 3 students or working professionals have a vision-related concern? Our graduates have been known to share their experience and offer guidance to others struggling with vision disorders. It's not uncommon for our graduates to join us for speaking engagements and workshops.

Enhancement Training

Graduates have access to enhancement vision performance training. Sometimes we have graduates of various ages come to us with a new level of demands in their life. This 12-week vision skill jam session is your best option for a tune-up years down the road. Our summers are often booked with folks preparing for college-level academics, new career demands, and a specialty focus on athletics.
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