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Eyelid Disease Prevention

With Blephex

Our lives revolve around the clarity, comfort, and performance of our eyes. In fact, vision plays a component in almost 90% of everything we do. Preventing the signs and symptoms of eye diseases in a safe, soothing environment is a top priority at EyeSpa. Blephex® is one of the ways that we support ocular wellness and prevent eyelid disease.

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Risk Factors

Determining whether or not you are at risk of developing eyelid disease is the first step in taking preventative action to protect your eyes. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, call or text (970) 223-7150 today to make your reservation at EyeSpa.
  • Are you utilizing a digital device two or more hours per day?

  • Does your vision fluctuate throughout the day?

  • Does blinking improve your vision?

  • Are you aware of your contact lenses throughout the day?

  • Are you aware of your eyelids throughout the day?

  • Do you utilize eye drops throughout the day?

  • Do you utilize professional eyelash extensions?

  • Have you had refractive surgery or LASIK procedures?

Eye diseases are often silent. Only one in seven patients actually “feel” the symptoms of ocular surface disease. Discomfort of the eyes can have far-reaching impacts on our overall wellness and quality of life. Dry eyes, itchy eyes, crusting, redness, inflammation, or feeling like there is something in your eye are all great indicators that your eye health is being impacted. Let’s be the first generation to prevent eye disease, mitigate discomfort, and offer wellness in a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere. Supporting the health of your eyelids is the first step to supporting eye health and skin health, leading to glowing skin and comfortable eyes.

What is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is an inflammatory disease of the eyelids that is silent, chronic, and progressive. Bacteria naturally exist on our eyelids, and when that bacteria builds up and creates a biofilm, the result is inflammation along the eyelid margins. The biofilm on your eyelids never goes away and, if not managed, will continue to cause inflammation and other issues like meibomian gland dysfunction, aqueous insufficiency, and eyelid destruction.

Early, routine removal of biofilm in a safe, soothing environment will help protect against the symptoms of dry eye and support long-term ocular wellness and comfort.

You can learn more about blepharitis from Dr. Rynerson and Dr. Perry in their article titled “DEBS – a unification theory for dry eye and blepharitis.”

What is Blephex?

BlephEx® is the latest clinical advancement in ocular wellness, deeply and gently exfoliating the skin around your eyes to give you relief and the ability to see clearly. BlephEx® is an EyeSpa treatment for blepharitis, or the overgrowth of bacteria on the eyelid margins and base of the eyelashes. The innovative technology allows your EyeSpa estheticians and certified lid hygienists to gently microexfoliate the bacterial and biofilm buildup around the lid margins to decrease inflammation, get you back to optimal wellness, and relieve symptoms of dry eye, irritation, and crusting.

Dr. Munson prescribes eyelid cleanings every six months as preventative wellness for patients ages seven and older. Those who are more advanced in the disease process are typically recommended quarterly treatments in addition to their clinical and self-care routines.
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Why Do I Need Clean Eyelids?

We all know how important exfoliation is for skin health. Your skincare routine is a really important part of maintaining skin health, and tending to the health of your eyelids should be a regular part of your daily routine. Did you know that you should also exfoliate your eyelids? BlephEx® is a deep-clean for your eyelids, removing plaque and bacteria buildup and helping to keep the area healthy so that you can see well and look beautiful.
Blephex Can Treat:
  • Blepharitis 

  • Biofilm

  • Demodex

  • Inflammation

  • Dry eye 

  • Gritty eyes

What To Expect During Treatment

The BlephEx® hand tool uses a micro-sponge to remove debris and biofilm along your eyelid margins and eyelashes. BlephEx® is doctor-prescribed exfoliation treatment of the skin around your eyes to support ocular wellness and vision health.

Treatment with BlephEx® lasts about 6-8 minutes and feels like a gentle tickle on your eyelashes. Your EyeSpa esthetician and lid hygienist team will use a numbing drop in your eye to control the blinking reflex and offer improved comfort during the experience. Most patients notice a buzzing sound/sensation, and most people even say the treatment feels good.

Your EyeSpa esthetician and certified eyelid hygienist will gently remove the debris from your lid margins and offer you a pampering, wellness-focused experience.
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Helpful Tips

While Dr. Munson recommends maintenance BlephEx® treatments at 4-6 month intervals, there are steps you can take to prevent blepharitis. Talk to your EyeSpa esthetician and Dr. Munson about a self-care routine to prevent the buildup of biofilm. Using cleansing eyelid wipes and making sure you remove your makeup at night can help support the health of the delicate skin around your eyes and discourage bacteria buildup. Your EyeSpa esthetician will give you specific skincare and makeup recommendations as well as a home-care routine to stop blepharitis before it becomes a problem again.

To learn more about how BlephEx® can enhance your skin and let you see clearly and comfortably, call or text the EyeSpa at (970) 223-7150 today to make your reservation!
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