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Strong Families

We are dedicated to proactive eye care for the whole family! Serving you and your family means truly keeping your wellness as the hero of our story. The best place to spread the message about prevention is in your own home. Let’s do this! By changing behaviors one household at a time, we can disrupt disease progression throughout the community! Our team and technologies are your guides to the story.

Strong Communities

What if our region was the first to be without headaches, dry eyes, and vision performance delays in children? At Fort Collins Family Eye Care, serving the community and spreading the word about prevention and wellness is our mission. Whether we are partnering with another local healthcare provider or hosting a wellness class, we are committed to advocating for the entire community of Northern Colorado and Wyoming. The outcomes and messaging are real, authentic, and available to all.

Industry Excellence

What if eye health never held the producers in Northern Colorado back from success? What if you knew your colleagues and team members were the most efficient and visually-productive group in the region? Your corporate wellness plan needs preventative eye care at the center. What if your employees’ eyes were their number one tool to increase productivity and wellness? What if that was the key to unlock the balance of work and home life? Committing to industry partners' wellness invariably means that we are 100% committed to clinical excellence.

Fort Collins Family Eye Care Mission Statement

"We are an enthusiastic group of national thought leaders bound by a culture of clinical excellence and advocacy, delivering results with the patient's optimal wellness serving as the hero of the story."
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Patient Advocacy

Your wellness is always the hero of our story. We remain firmly committed to advocating for your preventative health and wellness. Dr. Munson and her team collaborate with providers of all different disciplines to ensure a collaborative approach to your preventative wellness. Nothing exists in isolation. When like-minded healthcare providers work together for the best possible patient outcomes, each patient has a care team committed to their total, whole-body wellness.


Education is empowerment. At Fort Collins Family Eye Care, you are an active participant in your eye health. Whether you’re here for a new pair of glasses or dry eye disease treatment, we are your partners in wellness. Gone are the days when healthcare and eye care were administered to you. We are committed to making clinical decisions together. We are generous with knowledge and speak often to groups of every age and industry to share the preventative mindset. Dr. Jaclyn Munson and her team make themselves available for virtual webinars, in-person meetings, and industry focus groups.


At Fort Collins Family Eye Care, we are always your guide to the eye care story. By arming you with the knowledge you need to defeat silent diseases, you can relax, enjoy, and live your life. Let’s be the change-makers in our homes and communities. Let’s share the message and be generous in knowledge.
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Comfort & clarity.

We’re committed to giving you the care you need when you need it most. Whether it’s an eye emergency or a follow-up conversation that demands attention, your comfort matters most. We offer flexible telemedicine reservations so that you can receive care on your own terms. At Fort Collins Family Eye Care, we are committed to being here for you 24/7.
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