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For over 50 years, Fort Collins Family Eye Care has served as your leader in eye disease prevention, management, and vision therapy. Guiding patients to achieve their optimal wellness is our greatest reward.
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"I've been waiting for you for so long!

I expected a little out-of-focus where I would have to learn how to adjust because the right eye was now starting to work again. None of that happened. I just put [my new glasses] on and it was wonderful!"
Watch Sherrie's full testimonial to hear how Fort Collins Family Eye care and Neurolens changed her vision for the better!

"Within the first week, I noticed less complaints of his head feeling heavy or him feeling dizzy."

Michelle brought her son to Fort Collins Family Eye Care for an examination after his teacher noticed he was starting to have difficulty reading. Watch her full testimonial to learn how we were able to help!

"Prior to getting the Neurolens, I had headaches pretty much every day...They really take care of all of the symptoms!"

Claire visited Fort Collins Family Eye care seeking relief from daily headaches. After trying Neurolens, she reports that her headaches are gone and that her eyes are no longer dry. Watch Claire's full testimonial to learn more!

"This really has made a difference."

After a head injury which deeply impacted her vision, Karen came to Fort Collins Family Eye Care searching for help with her eye problems that were causing her to be unable to work. With a combined approach of Vision Therapy and Neurolens, Karen's eyesight has come a long way! Watch the full testimonial to learn how we were able to help Karen see correctly again. 

"I have less headaches now, I'm less sensitive to the light, and my eyes don't get that tired with reading."

Dr. Munson interviewed one of her younger patients to ask how she feels about wearing her Neruolenses after one month. Watch the full testimonial to learn how we were able to help her read better and have fewer headaches!

"[My eyes used to] hurt a lot. I tried rubbing them but that would make them worse."

Dr. Munson filmed a video with her young patient Eileen, whose mom brought her to Fort Collins Family Eye Care due to her complaints of her eyes hurting during the day. Dr. Munson diagnosed Eileen with Ocular Surface Disease and has been treating Eileen's eyes ever since. Watch the full testimonial to learn how we were able to help Eileen's eyes feel better!

"Dr. Munson has enlightened me in ways that I just never thought I would be able to understand."

Watch Carol's testimonial to find out why she recommends Fort Collins Family Eye Care to all of her friends and family!

"I have seen about a 90% difference in my comfort level."

After moving to Colorado, Chianne found herself having discomfort and pain in her eyes. Her primary eye care physician referred her to Dr. Munson for treatment. Watch Chianne's full testimonial to see how we were able to ease her discomfort and get her back to living her life to the fullest!

"I would readily recommend Dr. Munson to others." 

Courtney came to Fort Collins Family Eye Care seeking treatment for her dry eye disease. We were able to improve her eye health by recommending dietary supplements that eased her discomfort and helped her see better. Watch Courtney's full testimonial to learn more!

"Dr. Munson is amazing!"

Sahed had wanted LASIK for a long time but her eyes were never healthy enough to be able to get the procedure. After her treatment with Fort Collins Family Eye Care, her eyes were in good enough health for her to finally able to get surgery to correct her vision! Watch Sahed's full testimonial to see why she recommends Fort Collins Family Eye Care.

"From the moment I stepped in it was an absolutely incredible experience."

Abigayle came to Fort Collins Family Eye Care seeking treatment for her frequent migraines. Watch Abigayle's full testimonial to learn how Neurolens glasses were able to help her live a pain-free life!

"They genuinely care about you and will take the time necessary to give you the best service."

Watch Monte's testimonial to learn about how we make our patients feel valued and cared for!

"I am never going to another doctor again.

Dr. Munson is incredible and after my first visit was able to diagnose and treat issues I’d been struggling with for YEARS. She recommended neurolens, which has absolutely changed my life (no more neck and shoulder pain). She truly cares about me as a patient and a person and is passionate about taking the best care of all her patients. I believe she really loves what she does. So glad I found this place, ALL the employees are wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming."
Holly Harrington

"Hands down the most patient focused facility I have ever experienced.

Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, they take the time to answer any questions or concerns. I had no idea there was more to ocular medicine than just your vision. They are cutting edge in taking care of your body as a whole unit through your eyes. It’s truly first class eye care. Issues I have struggled with my whole life they provided answers and solutions."
Cassandra O’Brien

"I could not rate the whole team at Fort Collins Family Eye Care more highly!

I have gone to 3 specialists in the last year and drove 5 hours for my appointment here, and let me tell you, it was totally worth it!! After having endless issues following a brain injury, Dr. Munson took it upon herself to make sure I had all of the care I needed for my eyes and overall well being. Even after setting me up with Neurolenses, the team followed up consistently, and even found a vision therapist closer to my house that can help me between appointments. I wish all of my doctors had offices as helpful as yours with such knowledgeable and caring staff!"
Clare Harkin

"Our family really enjoys Dr. Munson and the team at Fort Collins Family Eye Care!

If I had questions regarding my bill they were very courteous explaining the whole insurance game to me, which they work with very closely. Great preventative care for dry eyes, excited to visit the eye spa at the end of the month!"
Amanda B.

"I came in feeling nervous since I haven't been to an eye doctor in years, and left feeling super confident that my eye health was on the path to success!

The team at Fort Collins Family Eye Care thinks preventatively, which I appreciate because eye disease is usually silent, and painless. I feel relaxed knowing that their team has the most advanced technology and nutrition to detect and prevent disease years in advance! I didn't think it was possible to enjoy an eye exam, until I walked into their beautiful clinic. You have to experience it to believe it!"
Nichole Bowden

"My first appointment was the best eye appointment I’ve ever had.

Jackie and her staff are very knowledgeable and educated me a lot on the best practices for eye care and prevention from future eye issues. Not only did she tell me how to take better care of my eyes but also how to better care for the eyes of my family. I trust with Jackie’s coaching my kids won’t have the eye troubles I’ve have. Thanks Jackie looking forward to a long relationship!"
Connor Dolan

"Several years ago, I was referred here by my previous eye doctor with a problem beyond his assistance.

After a battery of tests, Doctor Munson was able to identify my problems and prescribe beneficial treatments. I can now attest to their success. My eyes have never been better.
Dorothy Kurlander

"I have struggled with my eyes for over 3 years.

I was at the point of losing hope and was referred to Dr. Munson. I was educated about my condition and was given multiple modes for treatment including symptom relief, prevention and the Neurolens glasses which have significantly improved my eyes over the last 6 months. I put my faith in trust in Dr. Munson and she absolutely did not let me down! Overall, my headaches have been reduced, my pain is reduced drastically, my eyesight has improved, and I can finally live in comfort and live my life the way I once did. I could not be more grateful for the entire staff. It is also a wonderful bonus that they are all so kind and helpful. I would with no hesitation recommend this office to anyone in need of any sort of eye care."
Chi'anna Fox

"The staff and Dr. Munson provide the best experience I've ever had at any medical office!

Dr. Munson takes the time to talk to you about your issues and teach you about eye care. I was prescribed Neurolens glasses at my visit and they have significantly reduced my migraines since I started wearing them while working. Best eye doctor in Fort Collins!"
Abigayle Brewer

"Since using Neurolenses, my life has changed dramatically;

I have reduced muscle tension, back/neck/shoulder pain, headaches, fatigue, dry eye, and I can tolerate the strain of online schooling. I had no idea that for years I’d been suffering unnecessarily from issues related to my eyes that were having widespread impact on the rest of my body and my life. It still feels unreal to me how quickly it made a difference and I can’t imagine life without my glasses now. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. Munson and all of her amazing staff for getting me the help I needed, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!"
Jessie Hardy

"After bouncing around at a few different local eye clinics in the past few years, I finally feel like I’ve found the right care!

Dr. Munson’s attention to detail and genuine desire to not only find the best solution, but also treat preventatively, definitely stands out in the crowd! In addition, I feel like my son is actually getting the true care he needs from this clinic to correct his lazy eye, whereas eye clinics we’ve gone to in the past have merely given a prescription and glasses and sent us on our way....but it hasn’t addressed the issue."
Suzanne Jackman

"Dr. Munson and her team have completely changed the way I think about eye care and they have revived my appreciation for my vision.

Their technology is impressive and you can tell the whole team knows what they’re talking about. I have had chronic shoulder pain my entire life and Dr. Munson was the first person to connect that discomfort to my eyes and stopped at nothing to find me relief. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the level of expertise and Dr. Munson’s approach- she looks at the whole body and how your overall health contributes to your eye health...This practice seems so ahead of the game. I felt like family immediately here, and felt genuinely cared for. This is what health care should be!"
Jordan Stinson

"When Dr. Munson fitted me for Neurolens glasses my eyes were freed for the first time because all that stress disappeared.

I can actually enjoy writing and editing and working on publishing projects instead of dreading the activity. Dr. Munson and her staff are very professional but always warm, friendly, and helpful. Dr. Munson is clearly deeply dedicated to her craft and caring of her clients. We are very lucky to have her in Fort Collins."
Stephanie Anderson

"I have a concussion that I'm struggling to heal from so my doctor recommended Fort Collins Family Eye Care and I'm glad they did.

The staff is all so friendly and always greet you with a smile and Dr. Munson is amazing! She takes time to explain everything and has the latest and greatest technology that has really helped figure out what's going on with my eyes and a plan to get me back to 100%. They stay up to date with current research and their expertise and cutting edge technology is why I definitely would recommend them."
Michelle Legoza
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